A "Gypsy" Born to Run


Stephanie's Got a Wild One on Her Hands


Gravel kicks up while a dust cloud vortex whips behind, spiraling as the car blazes as if in a rally-like race to the finish. A swoosh of the blow-off valve pushes, and the engine whines into a rev matched shift.  Up ahead the gravel path intersects to asphalt. The car approaches, sets the turn and slides across gravel onto the pavement.


Just like any normal day, Stephanie makes her way into town on her way to grab more parts for the car she’s in, which happens to be the one she’s building – a 2003 EVO VIII GSR. But it’s not as if this "EVO” owner has only a “plug and play” persona. This girl is all in. Chips on the table.  Throttle to the floor.



Stephanie’s drive began like most of us, at a young age. Her dad, a seasoned sports car autocross racer, toted Stephanie around as he blaze the local tracks of Pennsylvania. “I use to love his racing jacket. I would secretly try it on and wear it around the house when I had the chance.” She said.  Her sport-driven mind didn’t stop there. Growing up in the country, lent to many weekends racing the local boys on four-wheelers and nearly anything she could get her hands on.


But after high school is when things really set in. Stephanie hooked up with a local friend, who turned out to be quite a gear head. The two set out on weekend sprints, hitting up the local car scene, while talking about their future aspirations to begin a performance shop. That’s when she met her boyfriend, a local mechanic and fabricator. He began mentoring Stephanie in the skills of auto tuning, and eventually helping with the quest to find her a solid car.



“I’ve always had a crush on EVO’s.” She continued. “When Fast and Furious came out, I watched it like sixteen times.” She laughed. So after viewing a ton of vehicles and several months of tire kicking, led these two on a three and half hour drive – to where Stephanie finally found her perfect car to start tuning. The 2003, EVO VIII GSR. Immediately she named it “Gypsy.”  But why Gypsy?  “Because of the diamond logo . . .


. . . Gypsy’s like jewels and are always on the move. It just fit.” She said.


After getting “Gypsy” back home to the garage, it was time to begin the build. Out of the gate, “Gypsy” already had a few goodies packed in, including a set GSC cams with matching valve springs, a twin disk clutch, Tein Coil overs and carbon fiber hood. Plus, Stephanie set her up with a new custom tune, upgraded intercooler, and quite a few other mods.  Lastly, “Gyspy” is topped off with a set of Volk TE37’s.



So far this girl has no problem getting down and dirty under the hood.  She regularly performs all of her own maintenance and upgrades, such as recently helping with the custom fabricated intercooler tubing.  With supporting from her mentor and boyfriend, she’s doing great so far.


On the most recent trip to the dyno, “Gypsy” put down 330hp to the wheels and 280lbs of torque. But if that’s not enough, now Stephanie’s set on upgrading to a top-mount turbo and newer cam set to match. Along with larger injectors, Sheptrans 5-speed tranny and a full engine bay wire-tuck.


Gazing into the crystal ball, we can see there’s a lot more ahead. So what’s the future hold? Moving forward Stephanie and her boyfriend are currently searching for a location to begin their modification shop a vision that’s based around a performance group they began named GollieBuilt.  Plus, being a racing fan, Stephanie and “Gypsy” have plans for regular trips to Island Dragway for some track action -- and to secretly surprise the classics on the strip.


 All and all – these “Gypsy’s” are born to run!



Stephanie would like to give special thanks to the GollieBuilt racing crew, along with Envisions Coatings for her powder coating services.


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Photography provided by  Frank Aurich Photography

Instagram: @_fap

Facebook: Frank Aurich Photography




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Owner:  Stephanie I.

Location: Pennsylvania

Instagram: @stephanienicks


Car: “Gypsy: A 2003 AWD EVO VIII GSR


GSC Cam Set

Upgraded Valve Spring Kit

ARP Head Studs

GollieBuilt Intercooler Pipe Kit

Twin Disk Clutch Kit


APS EVO9 Front Bumper

Carbon Fiber Hood

Tein Coil Over Kit

Volk TE37 Wheels



Top Mount Turbo Kit

Larger Cam Set

2.3 Stroker Upgrade

Larger Injectors w/Tune

Sheptrans 5-Speed

EVO8 JDB Rear Bumper








By Klaudia Black, Aug. 2016

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